How to create a perfect PowerPoint presentation of the thesis

After several months of work, your thesis is finally ready! Every chapter is complete, introduction and conclusion are well written, you chose the cover, you printed it … And now? Perhaps the most important stage of your journey is missing: the discussion of the paper.

It is essential to develop an effective strategy to best present your research, especially since a good presentation can get you bonus points for your final graduation grade!

The tool most used during the graduation discussions is certainly the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis. Let’s see how to create incisive PowerPoint slides that can expose your project in a simple and immediate way.

Why use the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis?

Choosing to use a PowerPoint presentation of the thesis certainly has many advantages, both for you and for those who will be there to listen to you. It will be a trace for you, a security in case of momentary emotion or confusion, a help to avoid embarrassing moments of silence and a tool to better organize your thoughts.

For people in the room, relatives friends but also professors, it will become easier and more interesting to follow your speech by looking at the slides. Without them, it would be more complicated to understand every detail of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis, especially if it is a specific or complex topic.

Here’s how to do the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis

Creating the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis is a process that involves some fundamental steps:

  1. Choose carefully what to display

The first step is very important, since the success of the discussion will depend on this: it is up to you to understand what are the elements of your thesis to be valued, on which to focus to capture the attention of the public.

  1. Identify the highlights of the topic

After understanding what to focus on, reduce the theme chosen to some essential key points: they will be the cornerstones of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis.

  1. Write a small introduction

Choose carefully the first words of your slides: the attention of the listeners is maximum at the beginning, only to be reduced after a few minutes. Try to capture it with concepts that stimulate curiosity, that invoke your audience to learn more and then to continue listening to you.

  1. Enter the main aspects or a key example of your work

This part of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis varies according to the type of thesis you have done: if it is a research thesis, it is not necessary to present all the phases, just one example that contains the heart of the thesis; in the case of a more discursive thesis, choose the most important parts you have developed.

  1. End with the conclusions

In the final phase of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis, insert the final slides, able to explain the goals you have achieved and summarize the path taken.

PowerPoint presentation backgrounds of the thesis

Choosing the backgrounds of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis is not easy at all. Although PowerPoint allows you to use a wide range of predefined backgrounds or to download some from the internet, there is often the risk of creating standardized PowerPoint presentations, views and magazines that do not capture the attention of the public.

To avoid being trivial and try to create a PowerPoint presentation of the thesis that is original and unique, I suggest you start from a completely empty file and personalize it, based on the content you choose to insert in the slides; building the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis in this way, it will be quite simple then to decide the color or the theme of the background that best suit your work.

But be careful not to overdo it: always better to opt for simplicity, you are never wrong!

Thesis PowerPoint slide

The constituent elements of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis will be the slides; this is why it is necessary to structure them in the best way, in order to make them effective and immediate.

Thanks to some little precautions, you will be able to create PowerPoint slides of the perfect thesis, which will allow you to make a great impression!

  1. PowerPoint slide of the synthetic thesis

Remember that the time you will have available for the discussion of your thesis will be limited, usually ranging between 10 and 12 minutes. Opt for short, concise and essential slides, with a few key words and basic concepts.

Do not write more than six lines per slide. It will be you, during the oral presentation, to explain them to the public, it is not necessary to write too much information.

  1. PowerPoint slide of the thesis with figures and tables

Use the graphical aspect of the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis. Aims to capture attention with images; it is more useful to insert a photograph or a graphic rather than fill a slide with big words or formulas.

These tools will also allow you to better explain the work done, the more complex contents and the results obtained.

PowerPoint slide of the clear thesis

Don’t use too strange transition effects between slides, you risk confusing the reader and losing some fundamental details. Always choose characters that are understandable: don’t let yourself be influenced by the desire to create something artistic, it could lead you to use fonts that are difficult to read, especially at a distance.

Remember that the PowerPoint presentation of the thesis focuses mainly on the discussion of the content: if it becomes unclear, you will not get your purpose!

Thanks for the attention slide thesis

Once we have created an excellent PowerPoint presentation of the thesis, we can only conclude with the last slide. What to include in this part of the presentation?

Let’s start with a fundamental element, which cannot be missing as a conclusion to your speech: thanks. The phrase most used by students is precisely “Thanks for the attention”, a synthetic formula that allows you to thank the people in the room for the time they have chosen to dedicate you.

These words can be accompanied by a background of your choice: some insert images that symbolize the theme of the thesis, others prefer to opt for more neutral backgrounds, others still focus on transmitting positive feelings to the viewer, choosing photographs or colors that express happiness.

Choose the one that best represents you and … good luck!

Example PowerPoint presentation of the thesis

To better understand everything we have seen, here are some examples of PowerPoint presentations of some students’ thesis. Observing these presentations will help you to structure your discussion well, so as to insert all the fundamental elements and build perfect slides!